Disney, a multiple pregnancy, and why this combination doesn't mix.

In Uncategorized on May 21, 2008 at 9:47 pm

So we just got back from Disneyland late Monday night and I must say that if I thought I had cankles before, I should have shut my mouth until I saw my legs after walking around Mickey’s palace of inconsiderate Euro trash for 2 straight days. All in all it was a great vacation; little guy got to go on a ton of rides, had breakfast with Goofy, and got to meet the main mouse himself. My only complaint is how horrible people are sometimes. If we weren’t having people jump ahead of us in line for things like character photos or food, we were having to fight people for seats on the trolley that took us to and from the hotel each day. Mind you, most of the people at the hotel were couples enjoying Disneyland without the thrills of a 3 yr. old or being very pregnant so it was quite annoying that they thought they needed to stiff arm us out of the way for seats. Fabulous manners. Just perfect.
Anyway, as we left the wonderful world of magic late Monday morning, I took note of the souvenirs I’d be bringing home with me: Christmas ornament? Check. Photo frame? Check. Sunburn, Flintstone feet, and an out of whack spine? Check, check, and check. With everything in the car, we decided to bite the bullet and drive the extra half hour north to Hollywood. With two extra kids coming, who knows when we’d have the chance to see it again? Let me tell you, Hollywood Blvd. is a dump! Surrounding the world famous Grauman’s Chinese and Kodak theaters are souvenir shops, various eateries, and a lovely smattering of skanky lingerie and shoe shops that I think should just collectively be in one building entitled “Hos Unlimited.” I kid you not when I say the only people wearing this stuff are strippers and hookers because this crap made Frederick’s of Hollywood look like Target. This stuff didn’t just scream, “I’m a sure thing!” It screamed, took out ads in every newspaper, and had neon lights flashing, “Not only am I sure thing, but bring all your friends. Seriously. Everyone you know.” The creepiest thing of all were the street performers. There were various men and women who may/may not have been on a work release program dressed up as Spiderman, Elmo, a poor man’s Mickey and Minnie, and my least favorite, Michael Jackson. Of all the people to impersonate, is this a wise choice? Even better? Despite a sign in front of Grauman’s saying that these people weren’t in any way affiliated with the theater, people were letting their little kids take pictures with these possible freaks! Call me over protective, but it just seems like common sense to not let some stranger who isn’t getting paid to do this hug on your child.
For those of you wondering about the house…..I failed. I knew I would so I’m glad I didn’t let myself down. While the laundry was completed, we left the house in only semi-clean shape and now I’m having to start from square one all over again. Maybe I’ll start tomorrow afternoon. I’ve got coupons to clip and bargains to catch up on from some of my favorite bargain hunting blogs that I’ll add on to my list later.

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