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101 Things To Do in 1,001 Days

In Uncategorized on January 18, 2009 at 8:46 pm

I just happened to stumble upon Zandria’s blog a few days ago and am fascinated by her list of 101 Things to Do in 1,001 Days.  What a freakin’ great idea!  Not only do I want to accomplish some of the goals she’s written down for myself, but I’ve gotten inspired now to commit to a list of my own.  This pairs well with my resolution to jump head first into life from now on.  I think too many moms sit on the side lines and start letting life happen to them instead of going out and meeting every day head on.  I know I’ve found myself losing more of “Sarah” and becoming more “Mommy” and “Brad’s wife” since having the twins in June.  I think doing things for yourself and remembering to make time for you is such an important part of being a mom and a wife.  After all, how can you focus on making your husband or your kids happy if you’re not?  The saying, “If Mama ain’t happy….” is just all too true.  Your mood affects your whole household so do everyone in it a favor and make your own to do list so that you don’t have a choice but to focus on yourself every once in awhile!

Start Date: Monday, January 19, 2009

End Date: Monday, October 17, 2011

  1. Join a gym.
  2. Get back down to my high school weight.
  3. Run a marathon.
  4. Donate blood at least 3 times.
  5. Volunteer somewhere for at least an hour.
  6. Participate in a support event.
  7. Finish my nursing degree.
  8. Exercise every morning at 6 am for at least 30 minutes for 30 days.
  9. Stick to a personal schedule for 21 days, thus letting it become habit.
  10. Send a “just because” care package to a friend.
  11. Send a “just because” letter to my grandmothers.
  12. Start a charity box to donate to a good cause.
  13. Do 5 random acts of kindness.
  14. Adopt a new pet.
  15. Take one strip aerobics class.
  16. Drink anything but soda for a month
  17. Submit at least 2 posts that appear on a website other than my own
  18. Write a will.
  19. Participate in 3 consecutive Sunday Scribblings writing prompts
  20. Send at least 10 Christmas cards and write a personal note in each
  21. Post an entry about my childhood
  22. Participate in an online writing contest/newsletter OR submit a piece to a printed publication
  23. Start a food blog.
  24. Start baby books for the twins.
  25. Finish Darby’s baby book.
  26. Begin journals for each of my sons.
  27. Go to New York City.
  28. Go to Philadelphia.
  29. Go on a spa trip with my best friend.
  30. Get away with my mom, sister, and grandma.
  31. Go to the BlogHer Conference.
  32. Visit the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame.
  33. Go to the Eastern Market.
  34. Take the twins for their first Children’s Museum experience.
  35. Go to a country where I have to use my passport again
  36. Tour a vineyard/winery OR go to a wine festival
  37. Ride on a train in the U.S.
  38. Sleep outside (in a tent or under the stars)
  39. Go on a hike
  40. Eat a picnic lunch in a park or by a body of water
  41. Visit 3 National Parks
  42.  Stay in a haunted hotel room OR visit a place that advertises itself as being haunted
  43. Take the boys to a Colts game.
  44. Take the boys to Chicago.
  45. Visit the Cleveland Arcade.
  46. Go on an art walk in Tremont or Murray Hill.
  47. Visit Westside Market.
  48. Go on a romantic weekend with Brad.
  49. Visit the Vancours in Hawaii.
  50. Go to BlissDom.
  51. Talk my husband into ballroom dancing lessons.
  52. See a musical.
  53. Watch 10 documentaries.
  54. Attend a dance performance
  55. See a play
  56. See an author read from his or her work
  57. Attend a film festival
  58. Go to 3 concerts.
  59. Go see an opera.
  60. Knit a scarf.
  61. Open an Etsy shop.
  62. Buy a guitar and learn to play it.
  63. Attend a non-mandatory lecture or seminar
  64. Learn to make soap.
  65. Take a wine tasting class.
  66. Take a photography class.
  67. Learn at least 50 ASL signs
  68. Don’t go online for seven consecutive days.
  69. Back up all of your photos onto disc.
  70. Organize all home movies.
  71. Complete a 26-Things photo scavenger hunt.
  72. Redesign my blog.
  73. Use all of my online photo store freebies.
  74. Take a cooking class.
  75. Experiment with cooking or eating five new fruits and vegetables.
  76. Go one week without meat.
  77. Go vegan for one week.
  78. Eat 2 things I’ve never tried before
  79. Cook at least 1 dish I’ve never made before, at least once a week, for 4 consecutive weeks
  80. Make my own jelly/preserves
  81.  Plan a family reunion.
  82. Find a complete outfit from thrift stores.
  83. Have a family theme for Halloween.
  84. Research how to be more ecologically conscious and put 3 new ideas into practice.
  85. Go to a parade or street fair
  86. Attend a comedy show
  87. Attend a sporting event
  88. Go to the gun range with my husband.
  89. See a movie at a Drive-in theater.
  90. Have my parents and grandparents fill out family archive books for the boys.
  91. Go fishing.
  92. Watch the Browns at training camp.
  93. Host a party.
  94. Spend only $140 on groceries for one month (excluding formula).
  95. Use only cloth diapers for a full month.
  96. Make a month of dinners using only a crockpot.
  97. Develop a family budget.
  98. Grow a garden.
  99. Put together an emergency preparedness kit for our house and vehicles.
  100. Make a “day in the life” video for all three of our children every 6 months.
  101. Make Christmas stockings for each member of our family.

There it is.  Of course I’ll blog whenever I’ve completed a task.  Stay tuned and start your own journey!  If you do, let me know about it.