Is there anything it can't do?

In Uncategorized on February 26, 2009 at 10:31 pm

As a mother to 3 boys and happily married to a man, I am knee deep in penises.  You would think that somewhere after D hitting the toddler years that I wouldn’t be so traumatized anymore when something penis related happens.  Furthermore, you’d think at 26 I’d be more mature.  Not so.  I don’t think I’ll ever see the day that my sons’ journeys of self discovery won’t make me scream and giggle like an idiot.  Tonight was just one more of those discoveries that a.) I wish that I wasn’t really a part of and b.) since I was, I’m so telling the first girl he brings home. 

It’s just me this evening so I got the daunting task of bathing D and the twins after dinner and putting them to bed.  The twins were sitting snug in their punkin seats while I bathed their older brother; squealing in delight at something up near the ceiling light or, quite possibly, just the light itself.  I mean, come on, at 8 months really anything is pretty damn cool.  As I’m telling D to stand up so I can wash his behind and his legs, I turn to coo at the twins and don’t here any movement that would indicate my son is listening to me. 

“D, what are you doing, will you stand up?”

“Shh…mommy, look.  *barely audible whisper* It’s fwimmin'”

I’m sorry, it’s swimming?! HA! What do you say to that?!  “Sure does, buddy!  It will also cause you embarrasment, pleasure, pain, and bug the hell out of your wife after the first few years of marriage*. High five!”

Sometimes you just have to use that whole smile and nod technique and hope that he loses interest in swimming apendages sooner rather than later. Boys…such an adventure.

*I’m just joking honey, I love you. You don’t bug me you big hunk of man, you!

  1. HAHA!! Too funny! I have 3 boys and one girl. Can you imagine what SHE is going to have to go through? I love your story, I’ve so been there so many times too.

  2. Too funny, I do daycare on friday I had 4 boys who are 3 and 1 boy who is 4 all day long. I also had one little girl who is 4. After lunch we take turns going to the potty, getting hands washed, the entire thing. They wait in the hall sitting on the bottom stairs, apprently Little girl had finished, was heading down the hallway when Mr. C went into the potty and didn’t shut the door. Here comes Little Girl, Rene, Rene, Oh No, I am like Now what, (I am hurriedly changing the Wee Babe) she says to me Mr. C didn’t close the bathroom door and now I “Think” I saw his Penis..
    Lord help me, Little Girl it will be okay and Mr. C… Please close the bathroom door.. What a day!!! Thank Goodness it was Friday

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