Flash Dance

In Uncategorized on April 29, 2009 at 7:22 pm

Bubba is a man of many talents.

The other day, he was up in our bay window dancing around on the window seat like a maniac. Sans clothing.

“What are you doing, Bubba?”

“Nussing…I just dancing.”

Hmm….well, with you being just in your underoos, Mommy would feel a helluva lot better if you continued your Chippendales tryout elsewhere.

“Why don’t you come on down from there and let’s get your clothes back on. No one wants to see your little butt dancing around in skivvies.”

After a few more moves, he finally decides to listen and whips around. That’s when I see it. That’s when I notice that my child was taking Flash Dance to the extreme meaning.

He was hanging out of his pocket. “He.”

“Whoa! Bubba! You’re hanging yourself out there. Check yourself and let’s speed it up on getting those pants on!”

He looks down and then says, without embarrassment and very matter-of-factly, “Hey! You’re not supposed to be out there!”

Oh, boys. Will the adventures ever cease in this house? I’ve come ot the conclusion that a 4th child is a must. We so obviously need another vagina in this house so bad.

  1. Awhhh… is this what I have to look forward to??

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