"Can I get a jump?"

In Uncategorized on July 15, 2009 at 11:35 pm

The Vue died on us a few days ago.  I’m really starting to hate Saturn as this piece of eternal rotting shit is starting to cost us more money than it’s worth.  (If you can possibly help it, I would highly suggest not buying one.)


Hubs and I both thought it was the alternator because of the creepy clicking noise it was making when we tried to start the car.  To make a long story short (er…shorter) he jumped it this evening and, lo and behold, it started.  Apparently the dome light was left on and all it needed was a good kick in the pants. 

“Great!” I think.  “We’re in business…and now off to shop!”

I get in the Vue after Hubs tells me letting it run is in it’s best interest and if I’m heading in to town, all the better.  I get to Target, park, mindlessly shop the evening away, and then attempt to start the car. 

(You totally saw this one coming, right?)

It didn’t start!  “NO!” you gasp.  HA!  It’s true.

I call my husband and angrily inform him that the car is NOT starting, Target is closing and NO ONE is around to give me a jump, and WTF?  That’s when dear sweet hubby takes it upon himself to inform me that he didn’t think it was a good idea to take the Vue until he had the chance to turn it off and restart it but since I seemed so intent on taking it that he just kept his mouth shut.

So- let me get this straight.  Because I volunteered to take the car into town I was “intent on taking it” and because of that fact, you kept your mouth shut about your turning it off and restarting idea that would have prevented me from being stranded in the GD parking lot.  Right?  RIGHT?!?! 

Midway between him telling me this and me starting a year-long ass chewing, another VUE comes into the lot to pick someone up.  I hurriedly run up to the car to ask for a jump.  I’m pleasantly surprised and grateful to find an older, nice looking man with kids in the back seat. 

“Hi.  I am so sorry to bother you.  My car isn’t starting and my husband seems to think if I got it jumped that it would work for me.  Do you think you could help me out?”

Nice man- “I’m sorry, I don’t have any jumper cables.”

“Oh!  No worries, I stay prepared.  I’ve got some.”

Nice man- “F*ck.  Fine.  I guess I’m the lucky guy that gets to jump your car then.”

“Oh, well I don’t want to be a both-”

Jerk- “Where’d you park?”

So after awkward silence, swearing festivities taking place while he’s trying to figure out how to lift up his hood, and some snide remarks about me not knowing how to place jumper cables, my car started and I was getting back behind the wheel.

“Thank you again!  I really appreciate it!  Have a good night!”

Oh- what’s that?  Sign language?  Aww, you go eff yourself to you sack of crap.  WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE RUNNING AROUND HERE?!?!

  1. Ugh what a pita!! And that guy — sounds like a complete asshat. Hey, maybe after you left his car wouldn’t start. Wouldn’t that be kharmatic? 🙂

  2. Don’t you love assholes. One day they will be in a jam and noone will be around to help them. I hope all works out with you. I know first hand what you mean when you say you got more into it then it is worth. We bought a used 94 2 years back we got more wrapped into it in parts and labor then what we paid for it and we paid 2500.00 after breaking down for the 3rd time it sits broke down and us now with a new lovely car payment for 410 for the next 2.7 years. Good luck

  3. As I type this my Hubby is on his way home with a new car. And while I was pushing for a Vue, he opted for an Element. I guess you cosmically just gave us your blessing.

    I’ve heard Saturn does good things under their warranty though, is it still covered?

    Sounds like you found a real winner of a guy, but at least he didn’t just drive off!

    AND finally, Mrs. Cox left some pretty hilarious turns of phrase. I am breaking those out next time insults are warranted!

  4. What a jerk, and a great example for his kids. He must be a scout leader.

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