Behind the Times or A Tale in Which Sarah Finally Finds Herself Emersed in the Twilight Saga

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“NO!” I thought to myself.  “What the eff are all these freaks doing walking around Barnes and Noble?!  This is my date night!  I was just about to buy myself a latte and read the tabloids in the corner.  You creeps in your emo wear are messing everything up!”

We had just moved back to Indiana and hubs was working a lot of overtime to keep us afloat.  I never got to go out by myself any more and when I finally got a chance to wine and dine solo, every idiot in the Indy area was dressed to the vampire nines and crowding me out of my haven.  “You guys suck,” I thought.  “I just popped out a kid and you’re ruining my precious me time!  Of course, you wouldn’t understand that.  You’re probably all virgins.”

The front store display caught my eye as I strode out of the store.  It was the red and white flower, specifically, that made me stop and wonder.  I skimmed, I smirked.  Vampires!  Cripes, seriously?!  It explained the get ups, but it still didn’t explain the hysteria.  I didn’t even bother reading the back of the book to see what clues it might give me as it to what this all impressive pile of paper was about.  No. Thank. You.

I thought nothing more of the “Twilight Saga” until the movie came out on DVD.  I noticed it was labled as an option for On Demand viewing on cable and watched a preview.  I admit, it piqued my Photobucketinterest.  Solely based on dying to know what all the screaming and adoring fans were for and why these novels continued to sit on the NY Times Best Seller list, I bought it. 

I fell in love immediately.

I am asahmed to say that the sheer gorgeousness of Robert Pattinson had me buy the movie several times.  I totally could have bought the 3 Disc Collector’s Addition twice (which I finally did last night) but no matter!  I watched it.  I loved it.  I began to get excited about the sequel coming out in November.

My parents came down a few months later and casually, over dinner, the subject of Twilight was brought up.  My mom informed me justPhotobucket how much I was missing by not reading the actual books and I didn’t even give it a second thought.  I mean, seriously, watching some vampire eye candy on TV was way better than reading about a teen vampire saga, right?  Oh my God, it had to be.  I just couldn’t sink to that level.  I couldn’t believe my mom had.  Seriously.

Then, it struck.  Curiousity got the best of me (just call me Whiskers!- curious….like a cat….get it?) and I bought Twilight on a whim three days ago during a spur of the moment trip for paper plates at Costco.  I devoured it in 8 hours.  I finally got around to purchasing New Moon last night (yes, the same trip I bought the DVD in) and finished that this evening before dinner and now I am 200 plus pages into Eclipse. 


I keep thinking it’s how intense and brooding Edward is, how protective he is.  Hubs tells me women are stupid because any other guy who didn’t look like Robert Pattinson would have a restraining order slapped on his ass for being psychotically controlling. 

Anyway, point, I love these books.  I reccommend them.  And now I have Eclipse calling my name because I really want to see if Edward really is ok with Bella going to La Push whenever. 

Yeah, I totally just said that.

  1. I totally feel you i was not interested in falling into the Twilight frenzy but i picked up twilight a couple weeks ago since i liked the movie just to see how much of a difference there was and ended up going through the whole series in about 5 days and even read the last two (my favorites) a second time. it’s insane how addicting the books are. 🙂

  2. I too am a Twilight Saga fanatic! I resisted for a while, not wanting to be like everybody else in the world, but eventually I caved and began reading the first book, and 2 seconds later I had read them all. I love to read, and own a lot of books because of it, but seldom do I read the same book twice. Twilight was the exception. I’ve read it multiple times and I love it more each time I read!

    Eclipse was my absolute fave (next to Twilight). I know you’ll love it!

    Angela from Angela’s Soliloquy
    We SITS have to stick together!

    PS-Stop by my blog to enter to win a $25.00 Visa Gift Card! If you win you could buy Breaking Dawn with it! 🙂

  3. I still have to get myself hooked into these books. I love vampire stories but never got to this phenomena yet. Enjoy your books!

  4. I started reading the Twilight Saga over a year ago, on the recommendation of my dental hygienist. If she hadn’t already lent her personal set of books to someone else, she was totally gonna let me borrow them, so I ordered Twilight off of Amazon, without too much conviction.

    Okay, less than a day later, I had quickly finished Twilight, and could barely wait to get my hands on Eclipse, and so on, until I read all 4 within a couple of weeks! 🙂

    Now I’ve started the Sookie Stackhouse series, which the True Blood show on HBO is based upon, and they are almost as addictive.

  5. what is it with those books? it’s the crack they shove in the bindings that you inhale with each page term. by the time you’re in chapter 5 you’re addicted and you dont know why!

    freaking twilight!

    thx for commenting on ltr today!


  6. Ok. Am I the only one who feels a little bad for this crazy “Amanda” lady? She seemed pretty psyched about her 29,000 views, which hey, is great, but perhaps not if people are making fun! Though her New Moon video is infinitely worse than the one used on G4!

  7. You can’t help it. Like a moth to the flame…….

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