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Does anyone else hear that?!

In Uncategorized on June 29, 2009 at 1:31 pm


Today was a bit of a busy day.  The boys and I tooled around all over this side of the state today; shopping, enjoying the loverly weather, torturing the twins as I put them back into their carseats for a fifth, sixth, and seventh time.  I called the hubs to let him know we may or may not beat him home.  Lord knows suburbian traffic hell was waiting for us!  I put my phone away, enjoyed the rest of the trip home, and all was right in the world. 

That is, until the mysterious beeping noises started in.

I sat down at the computer to play a little catch up with e-mail and blogging (anyone else notice I haven’t said boo about the twins birthday yet?).  *beep-a*  I look around.  Hmph….

*BEEP-A*  What in the hell was that?  I swear to-

*BEEP-A!*  Oh. My. God.  What the crap is going on? 

I begin frantically looking around the room for I’m not sure what.  The answering machine going beserk?  A faulty alarm clock?  A cheerful sounding bomb that some crazed maniac placed in my room? 

I search for a good 20 minutes, right up until I begain writing this.  Exhausted I sat down at my computer-



Yeah, my cell phone was in my back pocket.